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About Kawaii Pile

Hi! \(^O^)/

My name is Lori and I am a college student from New York.  Kawaii Pile is an online shop that sells kawaii items from Japan.  I named the shop “Kawaii Pile” because I love being surrounded tons of kawaii stuff.  I love the thought of being squashed by huge piles of kawaii plushes!  I love collecting kawaii stuff and I try my best to offer rare kawaii items for collectors like myself.  You can see photos of my collection on Flickr. Kawaii items can make life seem more colorful and interesting so I would like every customer to be happy with the items that they purchase.  My dream is to open a store that offers a variety of products influenced by kawaii culture and diversity.    

Thank you for visiting!
Tweeny \(^O^)/

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